CBCI EduBase

The CBCI Office for Education and Culture had launched a web portal with the name “CBCI EDUBASE” in 2020 to gather the data of all our educational institutions in India. The objective of this exercise is to gain a firsthand knowledge of the number of institutions, the number of students we educate etc. This gives us a leverage to make a short term and a long-term plan for the education ministry in our dioceses and regions. This data is gathered through a software which gives us an analysis at the diocesan, regional and national level. This data is also our strength to negotiate with the Government departments and other agencies.

Through this CBCI EDUBASE, we collect the basic data (the name and contact details of the institutions) and the annual data (a few more details about the students and teachers) which needs to be filled in by the individual institutions. Now most of the Diocesan Education Secretaries have filled in the basic data of your diocese. But most of the individual institutions have not filled in the annual data. The username and password have been sent to their official email id which is found in the basic data.

The link to the website of the CBCI EDUBASE can be found below for more information.


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