Global Compact on Education

The Global Compact on Education is an initiative promoted by the Vatican and Pope Francis that has invited leaders of world religions, international and humanitarian organisations, and representatives from all branches of civil society to commit to shaping humanity's future by forming mature individuals capable of overcoming division and caring for the planet. Teaching young people in fraternity in learning to resolve differences and conflicts, promoting hospitality, justice, and peace: Pope Francis encourages everyone who cares about the education of the next generation to join a Global Pact, which aims to generate a worldwide change in mentality via education.

In his video message of 15-10-2020, Pope Francis calls for a new era of educational commitment involving all members of society. For this reason, he invites families, communities, schools, universities, institutions, religions, rulers, men and women of culture, science, sport, artists, media professionals, i.e., the whole of humanity to sign a compact on education by committing themselves personally to take up the following seven commitments:

1. To make human persons the centre: To make human persons the centre of every educational programme, in order to foster their distinctiveness and their capacity for relationship with others against the spread of the throwaway culture.
2. To listen to the voices of children and young people: To listen to the voices of children and young people in order to build together a future of justice, peace, and a dignified life for every person.
3. To advance the women: To encourage the full participation of girls and young women in education.
4. To empower the family: To consider the family as the first and essential place of education.
5. To welcome: To educate and be educated on the need for acceptance and in particular, openness to the most vulnerable and marginalized.
6. To find new ways of understanding economy and politics: To be committed to finding new ways of understanding the economy, politics, growth, and progress that can truly stand at the service of the human person and the entire human family, within the context of an integral ecology.
7. To safeguard our common home: To safeguard and cultivate our common home, protecting it from the exploitation of its resources and to adopt a more sober lifestyle marked by the use of renewable energy sources and respect for the natural and human environment.

1st Commitment
2nd Commitment
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