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Updated On: 14-Aug-2020

Catholic Education during and beyond COVID - THEME 5 : APOSTOLIC METANOIA

Catholic Education during and beyond COVID -

Theme 5: Apostolic Metanoia

With introspection in every walk of life at this juncture, the Indian Catholic Church shall reexamine her identity as ambassadors of His Kingdom and disciples of Jesus Christ. The Church is for the poor and for the people of God.  How do we respond to the cry of the incomeless teachers, aimless students and hopeless parents?

The Covid-19 should serve as a period of purification – metanoia. Our education institutions must come out of the pandemic, converted and revitalized with new paradigms, praxis and results. The renewed Church will accompany the downtrodden children and young, affirm the competency and contribution of the teachers, account management and administration with transparency and accredit our purpose of existence with the vision of Our Lord to become true instruments of salvation for all people.

Points for Reflection:

  1. How do we respond to the cry of the incomeless teachers, aimless students, and hopeless parents?
  2. Do you believe your institution needs conversion? What are those aspects which you would like to correct and move forward?
  3. What are those new paradigms and praxis you would envisage for your institution?
  4. Can we transform our processes of accompaniment, affirmation, accountability and accreditation of our education institutions and the entire educative community?


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